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Abelha Maia – PSB Studios

Abelha Maia comemora cem anos

In December, the famous Maya the Bee will be arriving with new 3D episodes.

It’s with great pride and satisfaction we inform that PSB Studios was selected for a co-production of Studio100 and Planeta Junior to dub the new “Maya the Bee” episodes in Portugual. The famous Bee who arrived to the Portuguese televisions in 1978 and marked a generation is now a grandma. The little bee celebrates its 100th birthday this year in September, but soon she’ll be arriving with a renewed image, because in 2013, 78 new episodes will be released in 3D format.

The German Waldemar Bonsels wrote the children’s book “Maya the Bee” for his children and had the work published in September 1912. Up until the end of WWI (1914-1918) the book sold about ninety thousand copies.

During WWII (1939-1945) the work became famous among German soldiers in the battlefront, and in 1954, two years after Bonsels’ death, one million copies were sold.
Bonsels’ character was made into a TV character in 1976, in a Japanese, German and Austrian co-production.

The character’s, always followed by her friends Willy (bee) and Flip (grasshopper), was translated in more than 40 idioms and was transformed in an international star who to this day is remembered with nostalgia.

To commemorate this birthday, public television network ZDF in a joint production with Studio100 will be making 78 new Maya the Bee episodes in 3D.