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SIC K vai estrear a sua primeira série de animação portuguesa

21 novembro 2013

'Os Totis' - desenhos animados inteiramente produzidos em Portugal
‘Os Totis’ – desenhos animados inteiramente produzidos em Portugal Fotografia © SIC

SIC K will be premiering the first Portuguese animation series on the 21st of November 2013, “Os Totis”, a cartoon series entirely made in Portugal. This cartoon series produced in Portugal by PSB Studios will be arriving on SIC kids’ channel on December 20th around 18.00.

The story takes place in Totilândia, the land of the Totis. The characters are made of playdoh and come to life through stop motion, a process that demands extra care with details. Each minute-long episode takes about a day and a half to make. These toons don’t speak, they communicate through sounds, but still, they promise to make us burst with laughter.